When you take a look at our bathroom galleries – you’ll soon realise that no two of our bathrooms are the same. Far from it. Expect to be surprised at the exceptional range of bathrooms that we’ve created.

We love working with demanding clients who truly appreciate the value of a job well done. Those who love aesthetics but equally understand the importance of longevity – in terms of construction and timeless design. If you are looking for a bathroom, walk-in-shower or steam room that is designed and built to your exact requirements, and also built to last, then look no further.


Big or small, we know how to maximise the potential of your space, and how to make any bathroom feel as spacious and as luxurious as possible.

At one extreme, we’ve used our expertise to transform what for some clients literally was the smallest room in the house. (To learn how, see our blog within Resources.)

On such projects, we know how to, not just create space, but also the illusion of space.

At the other extreme, when we’re faced with a more substantial space to transform, we’ve created everything from a marble clad bathroom with under-tile heating, to more traditionally classic bathrooms where elegance is a priority and the baths sit on claw feet.

Bathrooms really are one of our fortes. On this site, we’ve created individual galleries – from Fired Earth Classic to Functional Family, from Marrakech to Master En Suite – so you can quickly view a bathroom that’s relevant to you.


We’re proud of our plumbing pedigree, and the way that every one of our bathrooms or wet rooms is designed and built to last. And last.

We always think about future maintenance and access requirements. This can prove costly if not allowed for in the original design. Also, we ensure all fixtures and fittings selected are suitable for your plumbing and drainage system. Only then can you have confidence in the performance of your new shower for years to come.

It’s a myth that wet rooms are inherently troublesome and that they leak.

We offer an industry leading 10-year warranty on our shower wet room systems and they will typically last for decades longer. If they leak, we will replace them free of charge. We have offered this warranty for over 10 years now and we have never had one failure.

We invite you to see our bathrooms gallery.

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