Starting as we mean to
go on

When you first engage our services, you may be struck by just how far we go to paint a clear picture of what you really want and why.

This depth of understanding is what lays the very foundation for a completely bespoke solution that is designed to delight. And built to last.

Because of how our expertise spans design and build, we can quickly spot the
issues, challenges and opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

We carefully consider practicalities as well as priorities: from what plumbing system you have, to what planning permission may be needed.

An unusually close collaboration

We love to help people re-imagine their homes – and transform their living spaces.

To achieve this normally requires an unusually close collaboration where we look to future proof your home – by building in design features that will enhance your experience of living there for the foreseeable future.

We walk you through each design stage – using CAD renderings and detailed design mockups. We know how to realise and refine your ideas. So typically what emerges is your vision guided by our influence and expertise.

All projects great
and small

It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking us to design a single bespoke wardrobe or to create a major extension for your home. The same philosophy applies.

Our aim is to optimise, not only the value of your home, but also your day-to-day experience of living there.

From start to finish on any project, we are on hand to talk you through the various pros and cons; this can relate to lighting, colouring or to a specific product choice.

We invite you to view the nine stages of our process, and to view some of our
sample timelines. To date, we have secured new clients almost wholly through word of mouth referrals. We know this stems not only from what we deliver, but also how we work.

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