We realise your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. Our support with your personal choices - from lighting to bespoke cabinetry - will help bring your ideas into being. And make it very much your space.

Getting a good night’s sleep in a relaxing space has a profound affect on your well-being. Part of our remit will be to create just such a space.

Waking up in a beautiful bedroom - one designed to support your days as much as your nights - will boost your efficiency and energy for the day ahead.

Our bespoke wardrobes and cupboards are often instrumental in personalising a bedroom and making it a precise fit for your needs.


Whatever your priorities and preferences – be it to exercise in the bedroom, to watch TV or just read – we ‘build’ those into your bespoke design solution.

Just as important as natural light is your ability to control it. This we can enable you to do with automatic blinds at the push of a button.

Acoustics are equally important, and we can offer our clients silent windows through our recognised window manufactures. This is especially useful when living beneath the flight path.

Wall-mounted lighting helps to free up bedside tables. We will help you to consider every aspect of the bedroom you want from the outset.

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